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North Haven Area Profile

North Haven is a suburb located in the City Of Port Adelaide Enfield local government area of Western Adelaide, South Australia. North Haven has a population of 5797 residents, with an average income of $801. The median price for houses is $457,444 and the median price for units is $351,493. House prices in North Haven have grown by 7.42% in the past 3 years and -3.47% last year. Unit prices in North Haven have grown by 6.35% in the past 3 years. The average house in North Haven is rented for $560 per week and returns a rental return of 4.70%. The median weekly rental price on units is $443 and the rental return is 4.29%. Houses in North Haven take an average of 70 days before selling and the average time for a unit to sell is 28 days. There were 85 houses sold last year and 12 units sold last year in North Haven.

North Haven originally started as a private sub-division. Its creation in 1976 was originally opposed by the Postmaster General of Australia due to “size & duplication of name else in Australia.” Its boundaries have been altered as follows since 1976 – boundary with the suburb of Outer Harbor, addition of land from the suburb of Osborne and other ‘unnamed land’, and the addition of a ‘portion of Outer Harbor’ in February 2007.[2]

The suburb is served by a primary school, North Haven Primary School, and the local high school is Ocean-View High School, in nearby Taperoo. The western coastal side of the suburb is also graced by Surf Lifesaving Club (completed in 2007), and the Gulf Point Marina which is home to a large sailing community. The marina, lined with exclusive and desirable houses, is protected by two artificial breakwaters. Attached to the marina is the Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia, one of Adelaide’s largest yacht clubs, whilst around the entrance to the Port River lies the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron. There is a retirement village on Lady Gowrie Road, and there is a small shopping centre on Osborne Road.

The local cricket club is the North Haven Cricket Club which fields numerous teams in Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association. The bus services both Lady Gowrie and Osborne Roads and Osborne and Victoria Roads. The Outer Harbor railway line terminates at Outer Harbor railway station, which is actually in North Haven. The suburb is serviced by two more train stations, North Haven railway station and Osborne railway station.