Beata Salvemini


Originally from the Netherlands with a Polish background Beata Salvemini has lived in the western suburbs practically from the day she arrived in South Australia some 24 years ago. Beata has been very passionate about customer service and real estate for most of her life.

Beata has extensive knowledge of what is happening in the current market, she has studied Residential Architecture, travelled extensively and speaks four languages. 

With also a strong Customer Service background, Beata definitely understands what it means to exceed expectations and always strives for 100% satisfaction.  She feels strongly that trust and the ability to listen are key factors to a great customer service experience. Undoubtedly this skill is also a great asset in negotiations. Over the years she has developed great negotiation skills, not only with her three now adult children but also in her role as Transport Specialist, where she on a daily basis had to negotiate those last minute deliveries to take place to ensure a satisfactory customer service.

Beata has bought, sold, and developed locally and is very keen to assist homeowners and purchasers with transactions of one of their biggest assets. She sees this process as a journey to the next phase in her client’s life rather than just another transaction. Weather you are looking for you next home or investment, Beata is determined to ensure that this process runs as smooth as possible under any circumstances.